Stephan Loewentheil Interviewed on “China Global Television Network”

Stephan Loewentheil discusses the past, present, and future of photography in China and the exhibition Vision and Reflection: Photographs of China in the 19th century from the Loewentheil Collection on “The Point with Liu Xin,” a news program on the China Global Television Network. “The photographs all belong to the Loewentheil Collection, which is the […]

Beijing exhibition of China Photography featured by “Xinhua News Agency”

Xinhua News Agency, China’s largest media organization, featured the Loewentheil Collection’s exhibition Vision and Reflection: Photographs of China in the 19th Century from the Loewentheil Collection in an article published January 19, 2019. Stephan Loewentheil, interviewed via email, stated that he was “happy but not at all surprised by the large number of visitors. The […]

Beijing exhibition featured in “The Daily Mail (UK)”

UK newspaper The Daily Mail featured the Loewentheil Collection’s “singular” Beijing exhibition Vision and Reflection: Photographs of China in the 19th Century. The Daily Mail, “From merchants to monasteries – 19th Century China in pictures,” January 15, 2019. Read the article

“Vision and Reflection” exhibition featured in “Fine Books & Collections Magazine”

Nate Pedersen of Fine Books & Collections Magazine praises the Loewentheil Collection’s Beijing exhibition Vision and Reflection: Photographs of China in the 19th Century, which “offers an exceedingly rare glimpse into the daily lives and landscapes of a country previously known to the West only through paintings and travelogues.” Fine Books & Collections, “Rare Chinese Photographs on Exhibition in Beijing,” […]

Loewentheil Collection’s Beijing exhibition featured in “Asia Pacific Daily”

Chinese news agency Asia Pacific Daily reported on the Lowentheil Collection’s exhibition at Tsinghua University Art Museum in Beijing, Vision and Reflection: Photographs of China in the 19th Century. Exhibition Curator Philip Prodger was interviewed, saying that “[Chinese photographers] were photographing in a new way, and I think even those Western photographers were integrating some […]

Thomas Child Exhibition featured in the “Asia Times”

Kenny Hodgart of the Asia Times details the Loewentheil Collection’s “stunning” Qing Dynasty Peking: Thomas Child’s Photographs exhibition, on view at Sidney Mishkin Gallery in New York through October 25, 2016. Asia Times, “Stunning rare images of late imperial Beijing,” March 13, 2017. Read the article

“TIME Magazine” Highlights Loewentheil Collection’s New York Exhibition

TIME Magazine featured the Loewentheil Collection’s exhibition Masterpieces of Early Chinese Photography, as part of their coverage of Asia Week New York. “Rare photographic images of the late Qing period, including the ones seen here, are on display in New York City through Mar. 20, as part of Asia Week New York. The exhibition, Masterpieces […]

Stephan Loewentheil authors essay on China Photography for “Apollo Magazine”

Stephan Loewentheil discusses his China Photography Collection and its upcoming exhibition of the photographs of William Saunders in a piece for Apollo Magazine titled “Why has it taken early Chinese photography so long to emerge from the shadows?” “My ultimate aim has been to create a comprehensive repository of the early photographic history of a great people and […]


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