“The Art of Lai Fong”: Loewentheil Collection’s Lai Fong Photographs Featured in Arts of Asia Spring 2021 Edition

Tsinghua University Art Museum in Beijing hosted “Vision and Reflection: Photographs of China in the 19th Century from the Loewentheil Collection,” the museum’s inaugural photography exhibition, in 2018-2019. The exhibition presented masterpieces of early photography of China by twenty-one famous photographers, photographic studios and anonymous artists, among them Lai Fong (Li Fang, aka Lai Afong). […]

Loewentheil China Collection featured on “CNN”

“Photography is the greatest preserver of history. … The earliest photography preserves culture in China, and elsewhere, as it had been for many hundreds of years because it was simultaneous with the technological revolutions that were to change everything.” – Stephan Loewentheil

CNN, “Rare 19th-century images show China at the dawn of photography,”

Stephan Loewentheil interview with Viv Lawes

Viv Lawes of London Asian Contemporary Art Interviews Stephan Loewentheil about assembling the Loewenthiel Photography of China Collection.
To learn more about London Asian Contemporary please visit lacaart.com.

Lai Fong Exhibition Featured in “People’s Daily,” China’s Largest Newspaper

The Lowentheil Collection’s current exhibition at Cornell University, Lai Fong (1839-1890): Photographer of China, was covered by People’s Daily, China’s largest newspaper network. “As one of the world’s most important private collections of original historical photographs of China, Loewentheil has collected 21,000 early photographs of China from collectors, art galleries, dealers, auction houses and other […]

“Landmark” Lai Fong exhibitions featured in “L’Oeil de la Photographie”

French photography journal L’Oeil de la Photographie (The Eye of Photography) highlighted the Loewentheil Collection’s two “landmark” exhibitions at Cornell University: Lai Fong (1839-1890): Photographer of China and Lai Fong and Thomas Child: Photographs of Late Qing Dynasty Chinese Street Life. This unprecedented exhibition provides a rare opportunity to see China and its people through […]

Loewentheil China Photography Collection featured in “That’s Shanghai”

The Loewentheil China Photography Collection and its Beijing exhibition Vision and Reflection: Photographs of China in the 19th Century were featured in That’s Shanghai, the Shanghai affiliate of China’s leading English-language publication. The magazine interviewed both Collection founder Stephan Loewentheil as well as exhibition Curator Philip Prodger on the legacy and importance of early photography […]


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